Last modified: September, 2017.

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Personal information:

  • First name: Juan Francisco
  • Last name: Giordana
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Marital status: Single
  • Age: 43 years old
  • E-mail:
  • Mobile: +54 (342) 5211 004


Web Development:

Since early 2004 I am doing web application development.


I mainly use PHP as programming language, combined it with the functionality provided by the MySQL database engine and rigorous controls in regards to information security, efficiency and effectiveness.

Featured works:

Content Management Systems (CMS):
News portals (weblogs), online classifieds, photo galleries, etc...
I have developed custom applications including recurring billing systems, encrypted storage for credit card's information, rebate schemes for promotions, coupons or tickets, etc.
Internal messaging systems.
Sending of bulk e-mail (excepting SPAM).
Integration of discussion forums to existing login systems.
Simple and advanced search systems (eg. search by geographic proximity).
Content generation systems.
Creation of APIs to interconnect data between different applications/websites.

Technologies that I have used or implemented:

  • Authorize.Net: gateway for online payments with credit cards.
  • Amazon S3: High availability remote storage service.
  • GnuPG: encryption information.
  • Google Sitemaps: tool for analysis and troubleshooting websites.
  • Apache mod_rewrite: generate friendly URLs.
  • MaxMind GeoIP/GeoLite Country: Determine an Internet visitor's country based on their IP address.
  • Swift: a component-based library for sending e-mails from PHP applications.
  • Twig: a flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

My experience in search engine optimization is based from the use of regular expressions to generate friendly URLs to the implementation and complete restructuring of HTML documents that conform a website, thereby generating better rankings for the most popular search engines ( Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.).

CSS & Web Layout:

The latest works I have done are based on the specifications HTML and CSS published by the W3C.

The nature of my profession is strictly related to the area of visual communication design 1 thereby I have solid knowledge of the aforementioned specifications that allows me to layout websites in line with current standards, generating this way documents with a very high percentage in terms of accessibility, usability and navigability.

I also have knowledge to develop web interfaces using JavaScript and the JavaScript library JQuery.

Sysadmin (system administrator):

  • Setup, configuration and maintenance of Linux and *nix systems in general.
  • Excellent performance in all types of Linux distributions: Gentoo / Funtoo, Debian / Ubuntu, Red Hat / Fedora / CentOS, LFS.
  • Setup and maintenance and optimization of server's software:
  • Compiling applications from source code according to specific needs.
  • Development of local and remote high availability backup systems (hourly backups, daily, etc.).
  • Processes automation under *nix systems.


  • Technical service in both hardware and software areas.


  • Full attended primary and secondary (high school) levels.
  • PC armed, repair and maintenance: title awarded by the CISCO Academy.
  • Structured Cabling and LAN networks: completed the first semester of the CCNA at the CISCO Academy.
  • Very good level of written English.


2004 - 2005:
I took my first steps as web developer NKStudios S.R.L.
2005 - 2006:
I worked as a freelance web developer for different local companies (NKStudios, NetSud) and independently.
2006 onwards:
Work as a freelance web developer for Echo Media, Inc. as the maintainer of BandMix and independently.


I'm not a graphic designer, I'm only hobbyist in this area.